Cheese on Toast Recipe Review

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Hi, Ray here again.

I recently realised that I’d never tried one of the snack recipes from the great range of Curry Focus recipes.

I’ve been eating cheese on toast for a long time but all I usually do is slap a couple of slices of cheese onto some toast and grill it.

I looked at the Cheese on Toast recipe and it wasn’t that much more complicated, with a minimal number of ingredients and extremely simple cooking directions.

I’m usually a bit peckish when I get home from work and this looked like a great recipe to tide me over until dinnertime.

I arranged for my usual dinner tasters to pop around in the middle of the day so that I could try out the snack recipe.

I had all of the ingredients mixed up in a bowl before they arrived and turned on the grill as soon as I heard the knock on the door.

And within 10 minutes everyone was eating the Cheese on Toast.

This is a really good snack with great onion, tomato, cheese and coriander tastes – nobody could taste the cumin so maybe my pinch was too small. And one serving of the cheese on toast is very filling.

Everyone enjoyed the snack and it received a good taste score of 7.5 out of 10 with a heat/spice rating of “None”.

You should consider this Cheese on Toast recipe the next time you need a good snack – you’ll have a great filler in about 15 minutes.

cheese on toast image

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