Chilli a Remedy for Hypertension

Chinese scientists have found out that capsaicin, the active ingredient of a chilli that makes the chilli hot, relaxes blood vessels. This lowers blood pressure and, consequently, reduces the chance of having a heart attack.

The scientists have tested laboratory rats and have also seen a correlation in people who live in the north east of China where hypertension (high blood pressure) is a lot lower than other parts of China – the people in the north east of China eat more chillies.

A good source of capsaicin is a yummy curry that has chilli, or chilli powder, in it.

Capsaicin makes a chilli “hot” and is concentrated in the internal “vein” and seeds of a chilli.

So if you want the benefits of capsaicin in your curry, be sure not to cut away the inside of the chilli.

You can read more about this research here.

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