Potato and Pea Curry Recipe Review

potato and pea curry image

Hi, Ray here again.

Vegetarian curry time again. I know we’ve got a got a cross section of people checking out the great Curry Focus recipes so I’m trying to balance trying out vegetarian curry recipes and non-vegetarian curry recipes.

This week I’ve decided to make the Potato and Pea Curry. I’ve said many times in the past that I love potatoes and peas so this is a great combination.

And this is such an easy curry to make. Just a few ingredients needed to be prepared and a simple cooking process.

Should be hard to mess up. But I managed it. I used minted peas instead of plain peas. I just didn’t look at the bag of frozen peas correctly.

So I made the Potato and Pea Curry and served it up on basmati rice.

The eager diners (who sometimes resemble a flock of vultures) tucked into the curry.

Everything was well cooked and the curry was basically a dry curry as all of the liquid had been absorbed during the cooking process. It was almost perfect apart from the taste of mint, which just didn’t go well with the curry.

The curry still managed to receive a taste rating of 7 out of 10 and the spice/heat rating was “Medium”.

I need to make this curry again and use the correct peas to find out what it really tastes like.

potato and pea curry image

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