Murghi Aur Palak (Chicken and Spinach) Curry Recipe Review

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Hi, Ray here again.

The largest category of great Curry Focus recipes is for chicken curry recipes. I always scan new recipes arriving in the chicken curry category and noticed the Murghi Aur Palak (Chicken and Spinach) recipe arriving a couple of months ago.

I decided to finally try out the Murghi Aur Palak recipe even though it had more than the usual number of ingredients (I usually shy away from recipes with lots of ingredients).

So Saturday saw me buying some chicken thighs and fresh spinach for the curry. I think that thigh meat is tastier than breast meat, especially if it’s on the bone.

When Sunday afternoon came, I prepared the ingredients (including making the paste and yogurt mixture) before starting to cook, as per normal.

I saw that it would take about 70 minutes to cook the curry so I started the cooking an hour before the usual Sunday evening dining time.

Now this is a very easy curry to make even though there are more ingredients, and instructions, than usual. The cooking naturally falls into 4 phases – frying the onions and chicken, cooking the chicken, cooking the spinach and then mixing it all together for final cooking (I can’t really count adding the yogurt mix as a separate step).

The usual dinner guests arrived right on time so they didn’t have long to wait before the curry was ready to eat.

I served the Murghi Aur Palak (Chicken and Spinach) curry on basmati rice to the hungry diners and everyone tucked in to the yummy curry. And this really is a yummy curry – it is delicious. There were great flavours (including a slight back taste of fennel – yum) and the chicken was very well cooked. Everyone ended up with sticky fingers because you just had to pick up the bone to make sure you got all of the delicious chicken. It was quite “hot” but Wendy coped with it really well, saying “Spicy but I can eat it – really nice”.

Overall, the Murghi Aur Palak (Chicken and Spinach) curry received an outstanding 9 out of 10 with a spice/heat level of “Medium Hot”.

If you enjoy an excellent chicken curry then this is another outstanding Curry Focus curry recipe that you simply must try – I promise that you won’t regret it.

murghi aur palak curry image

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