Very Different Curries in Carlisle

You can have a crocodile, kangaroo, ostrich, camel and buffalo curry in the Nowab Restaurant, in Carlisle.

Chef Abdul Harid has been working in the curry-making industry for over 25 years and thought that it was time to branch out from the traditional chicken and lamb curries on the menu.

Abdul has found a supplier of the exotic meats and come up with a new menu to tempt the curry-loving Carlisle palate.

The Nowab restaurant is in Lonsdale Street and you can try out these new curry dishes now.

We don’t have anything too exotic amongst the Curry Focus recipes, apart from a couple of goat curry recipes.

If you’ve got an unusual curry recipe then why not give us the details on the Add Recipe page? We’ll publish the recipe for the whole world to enjoy.

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