Dry Massaman Beef Curry Recipe Review

Hi, Ray here again.

It’s weekend curry time again and so I browsed through the great Curry Focus recipes to find a recipe to try.

I must say that I enjoy a good Massaman curry so I gleefully selected the Dry Massaman Beef Curry for this weekend’s curry dinner. It looked a bit unusual because there were no potatoes in it. But variety is the spice of life so I decided to give the recipe a whirl.

Like most Massaman curries, this one needed Massaman curry paste added to it. A friend had given me some Massaman paste a while ago and I still had plenty to use in this recipe. But there is a good Massaman Curry Paste recipe that you can use to make your own paste.

The Dry Massaman Beef Curry recipe is easy enough to follow.

As usual, it takes a while to cook the beef until it is tender.

The one thing that I noticed was that there was a lot of liquid in the frying pan near the end of the cooking time so I removed the lid for the last 15 minutes of cooking so that the curry would reduce a bit (after all, it’s a dry curry).

I served up the Dry Massaman Beef Curry on basmati rice.

And what was the verdict? Just great. This is a very tasty curry and the beef was very tender. One guest gave the curry an outstanding 9.5 out of 10 and, overall, the curry received an average score of 8 out of 10 with a spice/heat rating of “Medium”.

This is definitely a curry that I’ll be making again in the future.

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