Eat Curry and Lose Weight

The news that somebody has created a successful weight loss program with the main meals being curries is currently hitting the headlines.

A woman called Suki Burai has lost 19KG (42lb or 3 stone) by just eating curries and the story is covered in depth by the Daily Mail.

But eating curries to stay healthy comes as no surprise to the regular visitors of the Curry Focus website.

A few months ago we published an article titled “How Many Calories Are In A Curry?” which built on a series of articles called “Curry Calorie Count”.

These often-visited Curry Focus articles point out that the main factor in keeping control of the curry calories is that you need to cook the curries yourself so that you know exactly what is going into the curry.. Buying ready made curries from the supermarket or, even worse from a calorie point of view, eating in a curry house (or buying a takeaway) means that you have little or no control over what you eat.

I know from personal experience that most diets are really, really boring. In the past I have tried eating all kinds of salads but they are boring (did I mention that already?).

So it’s just brilliant that somebody has developed yummy curry recipes specifically designed to help people lose weight.

There are lots of great curry recipes on the Curry Focus website where you can keep control of what you eat. Most of the recipes are really easy to follow and a lot of them have been reviewed so you can see their relative taste and heat ratings at a glance on the recipe review page.

So check out the “How Many Calories Are In A Curry?” article and then start making your own delicious meals.

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