Chicken Jalfrezi Curry Recipe (version 2) Review

Hi, Ray here again.

One of my benchmarks for a good curry is a chicken jalfrezi (or jalfrazi – the spelling doesn’t really matter). If a curry house serves up a good jalfrezi then they’ll see me again. And if they serve up a bad jalfrezi then they never see me again.

I’ve already tried out a Curry Focus Chicken Jalfrezi recipe and written a Chicken Jalfrezi Recipe Review – this is a great curry.

I noticed a few months ago that another Chicken Jalfrezi recipe had arrived on the Curry Focus website (the website has some good Jalfrezi curry recipes). The more recent arrival looked like a good recipe but it had to take its turn in my testing queue. The recipe finally reached the top of the queue and I had a chance to try it out.

The recipe was pretty easy to follow. As usual, I prepared all of the ingredients before starting to cook.

And the cooking was straightforward enough. The curry does get very dry and it’s important to keep the ingredients moving to stop them from sticking to the frying pan and burning. I used my trusty heavy, large, frying pan (that I’ve had for years) along with a plastic spatula for keeping everything moving.

In less than 30 minutes of cooking, all was ready and I served up the Chicken Jalfrezi curry on basmati to the diners.

The chicken had a good texture and was well cooked (I knew it was cooked because I checked it out before serving – don’t want anybody to eat undercooked chicken). The sauce had a lovely, spicy, tomato taste. Overall, the great taste was complimented by the yummy pieces of capsicum/bell pepper.

The curry received an outstanding taste score of 9 out of 10 and had a spice/heat rating of “hot”.

This is a stunning curry and now I know that the Curry Focus website has two great jalfrezi recipes that I can rely on. You simply must give them a try if you are partial to a jalfrezi curry.


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