Indonesian Dry Beef Curry Recipe Review

Hi, Ray here again.

The weekend is here again and so it’s time for another curry.

The choice of what type of curry to make was more or less forced on me by my flatmate accidentally taking a packet of beef out of the freezer and letting it defrost.

I don’t know if you can refreeze beef (I do know that it’s dodgy if you do this with chicken) and so I had a look at the range of beef curry recipes on the Curry Focus website.

The Indonesian Dry Beef Curry looked pretty good even though I’m not overly keen on curries with coconut in them (and this recipe had coconut milk as well as desiccated coconut in it).

The recipe itself was pretty straightforward. The only tricky part, as mentioned in the recipe, was judging when the coconut had turned light brown – very difficult when the spices make the coconut light brown to start with. I just made sure to keep the coconut mixture moving in then removed the frying pan from the heat when smoke started to appear (just on the 5 minute mark).

Once the long simmer was finished, I served the Indonesian Dry Beef Curry on basmati rice to the waiting diners.

And this was a stunning curry. It wasn’t really a “dry” curry because there was plenty of liquid in the sauce but the sauce had thickened pretty well and had a delicious taste. The beef was well cooked and tender. And this curry easily feeds 6 people.

The curry received a taste score of 8.5 out of 10 with a spice/heat level of mild.

If you like a tasty, mild, beef curry then this is certainly one that you’ve just got to try.

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