Mushroom Biryani Curry Recipe Review


Ray here again.

We recently received a Mushroom Biryani Recipe that we published on the Curry Focus website. It was a vegetarian recipe (healthy) as well as being a biryani recipe (yummy) so I decided to try out the recipe.

Now this isn’t the normal type of biryani recipe where you fry up the onions and spices and then add the rice at the end to cook. This recipe called for the rice to be cooked first, then for the onions to be fried and then the ingredients to be all added together.

I thought that it was a strange way to make a biryani but, as I’ve often said before, I’m not a chef. I’s my job to try out a recipe to make sure that it works – with the end result, hopefully, that I get a tasty meal.

As usual, I got together and prepared all of the ingredients before starting to cook the curry – I ended up with a set of saucers that would have their contents added to the curry, one after the other. As well as being my usual way of making a curry, this seemed to be the best way to prepare for this curry because most of the ingredients would be going into the curry at about the same time.

I had all of the ingredients ready and started to cook the rice. Once I had cooked the rice for 10 minutes and removed it from the heat, I started to cook the onions (I had the oil already heated in the frying pan) – I wanted to make sure that the rice was still hot when I mixed it in with the other ingredients.

Once the onions were cooked, it was just a matter of adding the ingredients to the frying pan. I already had some boiling water ready by the time that the onions were cooked.

I served the Mushroom Biryani curry to the hungry diners and they tucked into the curry. But all was not well. There were not many mushrooms in the curry – 100g (3 1/2 oz) of mushrooms isn’t a big number of mushrooms. The main comments that I heard were “spicy” and “bland”, which sounds like a big contradiction. The spice rating was medium to hot and the taste rating was only 5 out of 10.

So what happened? Well first, I think that the curry needs more mushrooms – 100g (3 1/2 oz) of mushrooms was only 6 button mushrooms – maybe there should have been 4 times this number.

And the question as to whether any of the spices, and chillies, was even cooked arose. I can’t see how any of this was cooked seeing that they were added right at the end before being served. The chillies were definitely raw which is OK for somebody like me. But a bit of time cooking the chillies and spices would have made them disintegrate and blend, more like a traditional biryani.

Maybe I messed up with this recipe. I found it a disappointing curry and will probably keep to the more traditional biryani recipes in future (I certainly won’t stop making biryanis – they’re usually so yummy).

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