Quick Beef Curry Recipe Review

Hi, Ray here again.

It’s weekend curry time again. I had some good friends coming around for dinner that I hadn’t seen for a while so I wanted to make a curry that wouldn’t keep me pinned down in the kitchen.

I looked through the great Curry Focus recipes that I had still to make and settled on one of the beef recipes that claimed it was a Quick Beef Curry. Beef takes a while to cook and this recipe was no different than most in that the final cooking time was 90 minutes. So the curry would be underway when my friends arrived and I’d hardly need to be in the kitchen at all.

I bought a lovely piece of beef when I was out shopping and I pretty much had everything already in the house.

I cut up the beef and prepared the onion and garlic before starting to cook. Before too long the final phase of simmering was underway and I got a bowl of basmati all ready in the microwave so that I just had to hit the “start” button when the time came.

My friends arrived and pretty soon a few beers had disappeared and we did a lot of talking to catch up over the last few months. My cooking during this time was limited to wandering into the kitchen every 10 or 15 minutes and stirring the curry. It was that easy.

I started the rice near the end of the coking and was soon serving up the curry.

I had warned my friends that this was an untried recipe and, with it being described as a Quick Beef Curry, not to expect too much. But the warning was totally unnecessary because the curry was great. The beef was well cooked and the sauce was thick and delicious. The curry received appreciative comments and earned a good taste score of 7/10 for flavour and a spice/heat rating of “medium”. There was a lovely afterburn on the lips even though it was not a spicy hot curry.

This really is an easy curry to make and has a great taste. Yummy.

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