A Spice Grinder At Last

I’ve been promising to buy myself a spice grinder for some time now.

I sometimes come across a recipe to try that needs the spices to be roasted and then ground before being added during the cooking of the curry.

Using a mortar and pestle is time consuming and is not always successful. For instance, no matter how long I crush dried chillies and cinnamon stick, not all of it gets crushed into powder and I end up with pieces of chilli and cinnamon that I usually just add to the curry so as not to waste the ingredient.

I don’t really mind the time too much because I can grind away at the spices whilst watching TV or a DVD. But it often takes over half an hour to successfully hand grind the spices.

So I went out on the hunt for a spice grinder, which was not as easy to find as you’d think.

I went to the appliances section of 5 different department stores and only of them stocked a spice grinder at all. And they both stocked the same model. The price at one store was 30% cheaper than the other. So you can guess where I bought my grinder – I love a bargain.

I took my new toy home, gave it an initial wash and popped it into a cupboard.

Then I searched out one of the Curry Focus recipes that needed the spices to be freshly ground, decided to make the Lamb Xacutti recipe, and went out to buy the ingredients.

Pretty soon I was happily roasting the spices and savouring the great aromas that wafted around the kitchen before adding the roasted spices to the spice grinder. I broke the cinnamon stick into a couple of pieces before turning on the grinder.

And, within a minute, the spices were thoroughly ground. I removed the grinder lid and sniffed the contents. Simply divine!!! The aroma from the freshly ground spices was simply stunning.

I tipped out the ground spices into a small bowl for later addition to the curry, quickly wiped clean the spice grinder with a damp cloth and then put it back into the cupboard. I like easy maintenance.

I can’t believe that I waited for so long before buying such a useful kitchen appliance and I’m sure that it’s going to get lots of use in the coming months.

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