Curry Focus Visitors in 2009

There was a big increase in visitors to the Curry Focus website in 2009 over the 2008 number. Over this period, the number of visitors rose by 121%. This is a really impressive increase and shows that we’re fulfilling a need to know about curry recipes and their ingredients.

Features of the recipes on our website is that they are easy to follow and that the Curry Focus team tests a recipe each week and does a recipe review.

In 2009, 77% of visitors were from the UK and 91% of visitors were from the main English speaking countries (UK, US, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and Ireland).

The top 10 visitor countries, in visitor number order, were UK, US, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Ireland, France, Spain, India and Germany. This is the same country sequence as in 2008.

Most UK visitors came from London (which had just over 35% of visitors), followed by Manchester (5% of visitors) and then Birmingham (4% of visitors).

Most US visitors came from California (Los Angeles), New York (New York City) and Texas (Houston).

We received visitors from a total of 166 different countries and territories with 21 new sources of visitors. These new visitor locations include Antigua and Barbuda, Cape Verde, Ivory Cost, Saint Helena, Ecuador, Guadeloupe, Mali, Swaziland, Togo, Tonga and Uruguay.

The Curry Focus website now has more recipes, recipe reviews and blog articles than ever and this will steadily grow as you tell us about your favourite recipes and we hear more about what is happening out there in the world of curries. If you’ve got a favourite recipe that you want to share with us then give us the details on the Add Recipe page and we’ll share it with the curry-loving world.

We have a long list of things that we want to add and change on the Curry Focus website and you’ll be seeing these changes just as soon as we can do them. If you’ve got any suggestions or ideas for the website then let us know from the Contact Us page and we’ll see if we can satisfy your request. After all, the website is for you as well as us.

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In the meantime, we hope you keep coming to, and enjoying, this great FREE website.

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