Goat Curry

I’ve never eaten goat meat and so I decided to search on the Internet to find out more.

Goat meat can be sold under the names of goat (obviously), kid (a goat under one year old), cabrito (a goat under 3 months old) and chevon (goat meat). Goat is a red meat that is low in cholesterol and has less fat than chicken (for equivalent weights).

A lot of goat meat is widely eaten around the world with goat curries being popular in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sir Lanka and Jamaica. One website that I found claims that over 60% of red meat eaten in the world is goat meat.

And from what I can gather, goat meat is more tender than lamb and has a milder flavour than lamb.

One problem some people may have is being able to buy goat meat. I can’t recall seeing goat meat in butchers’ shops or in the meat section of supermarkets. There are a few places in the UK that sell goat meat online but some of them are small operations and will only sell a minimum of half a carcass. You probably can find goat meat for sale in butchers near to places that sell curry spices. I’m sure that you’ll find a supply if you look. I see that some goat curry recipes say that you can substitute lamb for goat if you can’t find a supplier.

We have a few goat curry recipes on the Curry Focus website that you can try.

If you’ve got a recipe that you’d like to share with us, you can give us the details on the Add Recipe page.

The goat curry recipe looks really easy and I’ll be hunting down a goat meat supply soon so I can try it out.

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