Leftover Turkey Curry at Christmas

Christmas time is fast approaching and turkey is the traditional roast for Christmas in the UK, with about 10 million turkeys eaten over the holiday period.

The USA is just celebrating Thanksgiving (on November 26th in 2009) and turkey is a very popular for Thanksgiving with about 48 million birds eaten over the Thanksgiving holiday period.

In the UK, around 87% of people will eat turkey this year and, as well as being eaten in lunches and dinners, an astonishing 100 million turkey sandwiches will be consumed between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day in the UK

The average weight of a turkey is 5.5 kilos (12 pounds) – now that’s pretty big for a bird.

But eating turkey sandwiches is not the only way you can use up all of this meat.

You can make a tasty curry with leftover turkey and it’s really quick to cook. Remember that the turkey has already been thoroughly cooked when it is roasted so all you really need to do with a curry is heat up the meat with the spices and other ingredients.

There are lots of leftover turkey curry recipes on the Curry Focus website that you can try. If you’ve got the whole family over then just double the ingredients if you need to make a bigger curry.

If you’re a typical UK family, you know that you’re going to be left with turkey after Christmas Day. So why not plan ahead a little and make sure you have the spices, along with the other ingredients? You’re sure to enjoy the results and it will save you from having to eat another of those dry turkey sandwiches again.

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