October 2009 Newsletter

We’ve already received a couple of emails following on from the “Curry Calorie Count” series of articles.

There’s general agreement that the main problem with counting calories is that it is very hard to find out how many calories are in the ingredients that are used in a curry.

So another article is currently being written that will help you to work out how many calories are in a curry (I know that kilojoules is the more modern way of measuring food energy, and that kilocalories is the real measure of calories, but most people talk about calories when referring to food energy measurement, so who am I to argue? – read the “Curry Calorie Count” articles if you don’t understand this).

Once you know the calories in the ingredients, you can work out the total calories for a meal and then see whether the calories are going to wreck your diet and make you put on weight. Mind you, if you’re used to eating restaurant-made curries then making your own at home will lead to you losing weight, all other things being equal (once again, this is explained in the “Curry Calorie Count” articles).

So keep checking the Curry Focus website to see the new article once it has been published.

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1 Chicken Biryani
2 Chicken Bhuna
3 Poppadoms
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5 Madras Curry Paste

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