August 2009 Newsletter

On Poppa The World!

The Curry Lounge in Nottingham has set a new Poppadom Tower record with a whopping 1.51m tall skyscraper that amazed onlookers. As the tower became taller, the biggest issue was that the weight of the Poppadoms at the top started to crack the ones holding the weight at the bottom.

Poppadom Tower

Curry cook off

Five hand-picked Curry Super Chefs have been selected to showcase their curry skills at the International British Fusion Food Festival in November. There were 12,000 entrants fighting for the five positions with many experts believing that UK Curry chefs have the skills to make the best curries in the world.

Creating a fusion between East and West, the Super Chefs must create a menu, under the heading of “British Fusion Food”, combining the contemporary as well as the traditional.

We will have more news and results from the festival in the months ahead.

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Top 5 recipes for last month

1 Chicken Biryani
2 Chicken Bhuna
3 Poppadoms
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