Massaman Chicken Curry For Eight Tonight

Hi Ray here again,

The other weekend I had a larger than usual group of friends around for a meal. It was a birthday dinner and altogether eight people were there to be fed.

But most recipes are meant to feed four people, so what did I do?

Cut back the portions? No, that wouldn’t work.

Make two different dishes? No, but I’ve done that before.


Easy. I just doubled up the quantities in the recipe. I used two onions instead of one. I used 4 chicken breasts instead of two. I used four cloves of garlic instead of two. You get the picture. It really is that simple. You keep the same cooking times for each phase of the cooking, except for onions where you cook the onions for just a little bit longer. And you also cook double the amount of rice than normal. I made the yummy Massaman chicken curry.

And was there any extra work cooking for eight? Well, yes and no. The main meal was just a matter of using double the ingredients. But because this was a special meal, I also made side dishes of aloo gobi and dal and whipped up some kulfi for dessert. So the only reason that there was extra work was because of the side dishes and dessert that I made. I also made some poppadoms with the meal but this was just a simple matter of microwaving some poppadoms that I bought from the shop.

The meal was a big success and really wasn’t that much work.

You do need to have large saucepans and/or frying pans but I already have them so it’s not a problem.

I also use the double up technique for making lunches for work. I make a big curry and rice and divide the food into plastic containers that I then pop into the freezer. You can see where I am going with this, can’t you? On a workday I just grab a curry from the freezer, defrost it when I get into work and then microwave it for two minutes at lunchtime for a delicious lunch (I work at a polytechnic and the staff lunch room has a couple of microwaves and a big pile of cutlery for general use). I bought a big pile of microwaveable containers from a local packaging shop and they are ideal. I even remember to label the container with the contents so that I know what’s in them. Every day I can have a hot tasty lunch that costs less than buying boring sandwiches.


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