Chicken Phal Curry Recipe Review

Hi, Ray here again.

I saw the Chicken Phal recipe amongst the great Curry Focus recipes a little while ago and added it to my list of recipes that needed to be tried out.

I remember years ago that a Tuesday night used to consisted of a few games of snooker, a few beers and then a good curry. My local curry house was great and more often than not I’d end up eating a chicken phal. I suppose my tastebuds were neutralised by the beer so it took something with a bit of kick to get through to me.

Anyway, it’s been years since I’ve had a phal so this was just the opportunity to renew my acquaintance with this fiery dish.

The recipe itself is pretty easy to follow. The only thing to realise was that it has 6 fresh chillies, 4 teaspoons of chilli powder and 1 1/2 tablespoons of curry paste so it was probably going to be hot.

The cooking was very straightforward and only took about 30 minutes from start to finish.

And what was the chicken phal like? Well, I did predict that it was going to be hot. And hot it was. The bell pepper and coriander added a dash of colour but the overwhelming taste was heat. But it was surprisingly good. Most of the diners had a good sweat on by the time they had finished and the kingfisher beers disappeared very quickly. But you definitely need to be a fan of hot curries to enjoy this dish. Even 15 minutes after finishing the meal, I could feel a tingling around my lips.

The overall rating from the diners was 7 out of 10 with a heat rating of very hot.

As I said before, if you enjoy a hot curry then this is a recipe that you must try. But make sure that everyone knows how hot it’s going to be.

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