Lamb Xacutti Curry Recipe Review

Hi, Ray here again

Just a couple of weeks ago, I made Chicken Xacutti curry and wrote a chicken xacutti curry recipe review.

At the time I made a comment that the Xacutti curry wasn’t as hot as I thought it was going to be, having read that a Xacutti curry is hotter than a vindaloo curry.

So I checked out the Lamb Xacutti recipe in the great range of Curry Focus recipes. And there was one significant ingredient difference – the Lamb Xacutti curry had 6 fresh chillies in it whereas the Chicken Xacutti curry had no fresh chillies.

I just had to try out the recipe.

A quick trip to the shops and I returned with the lamb and fresh coriander.

As for the chicken Xacutti curry, I had to dry roast lots of spices and grind into a powder. I used my trusty mortar and pestle and produced a pretty good mixture of spices with a stunning aroma. I’m getting pretty good at grinding spices, even if I say so myself.

I made up the paste with my spices and other ingredients whilst the oven was heating up.

And before too long I was cooking the garlic, onion and lamb before putting everything into a large casserole.

From there on in, it was pretty easy going with 3 cooking sessions of 20 minutes with a bit of stirring in between and I added a full cup of hot water to stop the Xacutti curry from becoming too dry.

The rice went on when the oven went off and the curry had its final 10 minutes of cooking time.

The Lamb Xacutti curry was served up on basmati rice to the waiting diners.

Now this is a really hot curry that lives up to the description of being hotter than a vindaloo curry. The curry had a great sauce and texture, just like the Chicken Xacutti curry. But it had a tremendous kick. Everyone enjoyed the taste and the general descriptions were “yummy”, “fire in the hole!” and “a chilli too far”. This is easily the hottest curry that I’ve eaten for a long time and it had a delicious sauce.

I’d known how hot it was going to be, I would have prepared a side dish of raita to help cool it down for one of the diners who was not used to hot curries.

The curry received an average rating of 8.5 out of 10 with a spice rating of “hot”.

If you like a hot curry then this is one that you should definitely try. It takes a fair amount of preparation and is delicious. But don’t forget a raita for the people who can’t handle a really hot curry like this one.

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