June 2009 Newsletter

You may have noticed that the search results page has changed recently.

The search process now checks blog articles and the glossaries as well as recipe titles and ingredients. There are a large number of blog articles on the website and it was becoming hard to find out curry related information using the old version of the search process.

And now the search results are ranked according to importance.

Let’s look at an example.

If you enter vindaloo into the search box and then click on the Search button, you’ll see a new style results page.

All of the results with a ranking of 1 are shown first, followed by the results with a ranking of 2 (1 means the word was found in the title and 2 means the word was found in the content).

Within the ranking, recipes are shown first, followed by blog articles and then followed by glossary matches.

As you would expect, clicking on the hyperlink shows you the page from the website.

This is only phase 1 of the search changes and we are working on moving from a ranking system to a relevance system, as well as expanding the search to look through more of the website.

The new search process finds a lot more information than before – we hope you find what you need.

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Why not tell us the recipes that you like? You can submit a new recipe here and a restaurant here.

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