Chicken Xacutti Curry Recipe Review

Hi, Ray here again.

I’m on a roll with these great Curry Focus recipes.

I’d spotted the Chicken Xacutti recipe a little while ago and decided that now was the time to try it out.

Xacutti is such a great name for a curry. There isn’t a great deal of detail information on the internet about Xacutti except that it is a hot curry that originated in Goa (where the vindaloo came from).

The one thing that I immediately saw from the recipe was that there were a lot of spices. I almost decided against making it because of all of the preparation work that was needed by dry roasting the spices and grinding them myself. But I’d invested in a mortar and pestle a few months ago and so now was the time to really use it. It took a full 25 minutes of effort but eventually the spices were roasted, ground and mixed together. I couldn’t get all of the dry chillies ground up and certainly couldn’t remove the seeds – so the seeds got left in and I left out the larger pieces of dry chillies that I couldn’t grind. I was a bit nervous about leaving the seeds in because this was where most of the chilli heat came from. But nothing ventured, nothing gained.

After I dry roasted the dessicated coconut, all was pretty much plain sailing.

I cooked the onions and added the spices and immediately all of the liquid disappeared. The curry mixture was very dry but stirring all of the time made sure that the curry didn’t burn or stick to the frying pan.

The cooking returned to normal once the chicken and cup of hot water were added.

Then it was just a matter of simmering the curry and cooking the rice.

The dinner guests were sitting eagerly for their meal and were delighted when the meal arrived.

There was silence for a few minutes whilst the initial sampling took place and then a series of delighted comments erupted from all around.

This is a stunning curry with a great blend of spices and the chicken nice and tender with a lovely texture and a rich sauce. The spice level was medium, which was a surprise because all of the write-ups that I’d seen about Xacutti said that it was a curry that was hotter than vindaloo. But it wasn’t nearly as hot as a vindaloo.

The curry was very well received and scored an excellent rating of 8 out of 10.

And there is a huge curry that easily feeds 8 people (half of the curry was left over for the next night and the final portion went to work with me for a very tasty alternative to a tuna salad sandwich

If you like a tasty chicken curry then this is one for you to try. I’ll certainly be making it again soon.

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