ChickPea Curry Recipe (version 1) Review

Hi, Ray here again.

After last week’s success with the Gujarati Toor Dal recipe, I decided to try out another chickpea curry recipe from the ever-growing list of

The recipe looked easy enough to follow and, believe me, it really was simple.

The only thing to remember with chickpeas is that they need to soak in water for a while. As long as you read the recipe correctly, you’ll soak the chickpeas in plenty of time before the cooking really starts.

Once again, the standard ingredients of onion, ginger root, garlic and chilli were in the curry along with the most common spices of turmeric and garam masala.

I notice that the recipe called for a pinch of hing, black mustard seeds and fresh coriander leaves which leads me to think that the curry is from the Gujarati region in India.

I followed the recipe and there wasn’t a single glitch to report.

The curry and rice were ready bang on schedule and was served up to the waiting dinner guests.

And it went down a treat.

It was a delicious curry with a dahl like flavour. I think the curry is really made with the garnish of fresh coriander leaves.

The chickpea curry was a big hit and scored an average 7.5 out of 10 with a heat rating of “Mild to Medium”.

It’s easy to see why chickpea curries are highly rated by curry lovers. Do try this recipe and enjoy.

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