New Curry Sauces At Asda

The Asda supermarket chain is now stocking a new curry sauce range called “Holy Cow”.

The range of sauces have been created by a chef called Kiran Bhandari, who has used her lifetime of cooking experience to create the sauces.

Kiran was born in New Delhi and has been making the sauces from recipes that have been in her family for decades.

Kiran’s daughter, Anu, has given up her IT job and now helps with the business and marketing.

The delicious range of sauces includes “Goan Extra Hot Lime”, “Spicy Monsoon Mango” and “Madrasi Hot Mint”.

Kiran started making the sauces in her kitchen in Oxford but has now relocated to a factory in Birmingham so she can make the volume that is needed by Asda.

Kiran has 5 children and teaches evening cooking classes, which makes you wonder when she found time to develop the curry sauce range.

If you see this new range in your local Asda, why not give it a try and see what you think? It’s great to support new talent and we’re sure that the sauces are delicious.

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