Time For Tiffin

In India, the word tiffin means lunch, a light meal or a snack.

And in India, there are thousands of vendors of tiffin who come into the cities, selling their delicious light lunches to office workers. Tiffin is delivered in containers and the containers are collected later on in the afternoon so they can be cleaned and used again the next day.

A twist on the delivery method has been introduced to Melbourne with tiffin being brought to the office on converted 3-wheeled bikes.

The “Tifins” company was started about a year ago by two brothers who immigrated to Australia from Mumbai. And business is booming with around 250 meals being delivered to offices in the city centre every day.

The 3-wheeled bikes can get through the Melbourne traffic surprisingly quickly and each bike has an insulated box that can hold 50 tiffin containers.

The food is delivered hot and delicious and cheaply.

Tiffin is now a big hit in India and Melbourne. Where next?

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