April 2009 Newsletter

In the last newsletter we told you that we were changing the way the recipe categories work so that you could find the perfect recipe more quickly.

We have now done this and have started to update the categories in the Curry Focus recipe database.

If you click on the “Recipes” link, you’ll see the first results of this change. We’ve made the categories appear in 2 columns and in alphabetic sequence. And there are now more categories (and more to follow).

So if you want to see all of the Vindaloo recipes, you just click on the “Vindaloo Dishes” link.

And we’ve made a couple of small changes to two more pages. If you click on a recipe that has been reviewed, you now see the taste and heating ratings near the top of the page (just check out the Pork Vindaloo recipe to show this). And if you click on the Print button the recipe page, you’ll also be shown the taste and heat ratings.

We are now looking to add more options to the search function. At present, the search works on the recipe name and the recipe ingredients. We’re looking at changing this so you can also search on the website blogs – there is a lot of information in the blogs that is currently a bit hard to find.

We hope you enjoy the upgraded functions.

If you think of any changes to the website you would like to see then just let us know.

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