Thai Chicken Curry With Vegetables Revisited

I had some friends around for dinner the other night and they requested a Thai curry.

Reading through the great Curry Focus curries, I found one that I had made and reviewed before, but which I had forgotten to note the heat rating. It was Thai Chicken Curry with Vegetables.

I’m very aware that not everyone likes hot, spicy curries and it is important that people know what they are in for if they cook a curry.

So I decided to make the curry again.

The recipe was easy enough to follow and the dinner guests arrived just as I started to cook the rice.

As before, the curry was stunning. It was a typical Thai curry, being light and having a great coconut taste. And it was spicy, medium to hot. Overall it scored 8.5 out of 10, which was down slightly on the 9 that it received the first time that I made it.

What I found interesting was that I followed the recipe but not exactly – I am definitely a lot more relaxed about cooking curries than I was a year ago. The chicken stock came in a packet of 375ml (12 fl oz) and I used it all. And I forgot to buy carrots so substituted courgettes (zuccini).

You really must try this recipe if you like Thai curries.

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