Thai Green Chicken Curry Recipe Review

Hi, Ray here again.

My flatmate and myself had set ourselves the task of eating everything in the freezer over the last month so that we could start stocking it up again with fresh food. We reached the last pack of meat and it was chicken.

A quick browse through the chicken curry recipes on the Curry Focus website showed that I hadn’t tried the Thai Green Chicken Curry recipe.

I already had everything except for the vegetables – I even had a small amount of fish sauce in the fridge.

I made the green paste about an hour before we were due to eat. And it was very green and pungent.

I prepared the rest of the ingredients and then started the cooking.

This was a very simple recipe to follow, like most of the Curry Focus recipes.

Soon the chicken was sealed, the bell pepper was stir-fried and the chicken was cooking again with the green paste.

Just at this point Wendy, my girlfriend, arrived to say that a couple of friends of hers were going to be delivering some furniture soon. For some reason, there was no fixed time for the furniture to be delivered (this was not really a great surprise because I had been expecting the furniture to arrive for the last two weeks) and so I stopped cooking the curry once the chicken was cooked and shut down the kitchen.

Luckily the furniture arrived not too long after this and a bit of lifting and staggering soon had the furniture safely inside the spare room.

The furniture delivery team departed just as the dinner guests, who were running late, arrived and so the cooking started again. I reduced the liquid whilst the rice was cooking in the microwave.

Soon the Thai Green Chicken Curry was served on a bed of rice and the eating began.

This was a very green curry and a bit “stodgy”. Most Thai curries I have eaten have a kind of crispness with a clear, thin, liquid. But this was a heavy liquid. Maybe I had reduced it too much? One comment that I received was that it “wasn’t appealing to the eye”. It tasted good, although it needed salt (I’ve added salt to the recipe), but it was not one of the great curries. It had a mild to medium spice rating and received an average score of 7 out of 10.

If you like Thai curry, then why not try this recipe? A couple of extra chillies would certainly spice up the meal and it would definitely be better if the liquid is not reduced so much.

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