Spicy Fish Cakes Recipe Review

Hi, Ray here again.

It’s been a long time since I’ve tried one of the Curry Focus website fish recipes. I’ve heard that eating fish is good for you (even though it’s not so good for the fish). I scanned down the list of fish recipes and decided to try the Spicy Fish Cakes recipe. It has been ages and ages since I’ve had fish cakes so now is the time to renew my acquaintance with them.

I bought some middle of the road white fish and didn’t need to buy anything else except for the spring onions (scallions).

I precooked the fish at the same time as I cooked the potatoes. And then I mashed up the potatoes and left them for a while to cool down.

I rinsed and chopped up the spring onions and coriander and prepared the ginger and garlic whilst everything was cooling down.

This is a really easy recipe to follow.

All was ready half an hour before the scheduled dinner time so I relaxed with a beer.

Then it was time to mix everything together, including the first egg.

I rolled the mixture into 16 balls (the recipe said 20 but they were a pretty uniform size and 16 was more than enough).

Soon I was dipping the mixture into the beaten egg, flattening into cakes and covering with the breadcrumbs. This gets very messy – I hope you remember to wash you hands before and after making this meal.

The dinner guests arrived just as I finished making the fish cakes so I just carried on and cooked them. I had already started to preheat the oven so that I could keep the cooked cakes warm.

I simply heated up the frying pan and cooked the fish cakes four at a time. When they were cooked, I put them on some kitchen paper, started cooking the next lot of fish cakes and then dabbed the excess oil off the cooked fish cakes before putting them into the oven to keep warm.

Soon all of the fish cakes were ready and I served them up with some raita, that I had made earlier and roti, that I had bought earlier.

And the fish cakes were very good, even if I say so myself. They had a good texture, were well cooked and tasted great. They were mildly spicy (they would be hotter if the chilli seeds had been kept, instead of being discarded). Everyone praised them and they scored an excellent rating of 7.5 out of 10.

If you like fish cakes then try this recipe – you won’t be disappointed.

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