Malay Beef Curry Recipe Review

Hi, Ray here again.

After the disappointing results from the last few weeks of recipe reviews, I decided that I needed a sure-fire winner. And there it was, lurking amongst the Curry Focus recipes. It was shining like a beacon – the Malay Beef Curry Recipe.

It had the basic ingredients that have always given me good results – beef, potato and spices.

I went shopping for the ingredients and found everything easily enough. The one thing that surprised me was the high cost of lemon grass – it was almost the same price as the beef.

Anyway, I found everything easily enough.

I calculated how long it would take to make the curry and headed to the kitchen a couple of hours before the scheduled start time for dinner.

I got the potatoes peeled and cut up while the pan of water was coming to the boil and the potatoes were parboiled before I knew it.

As is often the case with the Curry Focus recipes, the recipe was pretty straightforward and easy enough to follow.

The dinner guests arrived just as I was adding the potatoes to the curry and pretty soon the rice was cooking as well.

I heated up a few poppadoms (bought from a shop, not made by myself) and soon served up the Malay Beef Curry on a bed of basmati rice.

This is a simply stunning curry. The beef was lovely and tender and the whole curry had a delicious taste. I reckon that you need to go a long way to beat a beef and potato curry.

The dinner guests agreed with me and the curry received an excellent rating of 8.5 out of 10 with a spice rating of hot.

You really must try this recipe if you like a spicy beef curry – it’s easy to make and has a great taste.

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