Peshwari Naan Bread Recipe (version 1) Review

Hi, Ray here again.

Scanning the list of recipes on the Curry Focus website, I spotted a simple one for Peshwari Naan Bread. My girlfriend loves Peshwari naan bread so making this recipe would make me more popular (probably only for 5 minutes!!) as well as supplying some yummy food.

As with most bread recipes, there is a lot of kneading and rolling and experimentation.

I mixed up the dough and left it for a good hour – the 20 minutes in the recipe seemed just a bit too short.

I chopped up the raisins and used my trusty rolling pin (an empty wine bottle) to crush the nuts.

From then on it was a matter of rolling, adding the nut mixture and then rolling again.

I had already preheated the oven so in went the first naan. It didn’t look cooked after 10 minutes so I let it go for longer. In fact I let it bake for 16 minutes before pulling it out of the oven. It was disappointing. It was a lot thicker than the Peshwari naan breads that get served in the curry restaurants. And it was crunchy and overcooked. Probably not surprising after having been in the oven for 16 minutes. Although I didn’t like the naan, the birds out in the garden loved it.

I rolled the second naan out a bit thinner and put it into the oven. This time I only baked it for 12 minutes before pulling it out. The naan was thinner than the first one and had a nicer taste but it was still a bit crunchy at the edges. Once again most of the naan went out to the birds.

Dinner time was getting close now so the third naan went in, was baked for 10 minutes and then pulled out again. This was the best naan of the lot although I wouldn’t rave about it. It was dry.

I baked the fourth naan whilst eating a curry and it was ready after 10 minutes. It was a bit like the third but not quite as good – I don’t know why.

The dinner guests tried the naan and it received very mixed reviews. One person loved it and another hated it. Generally it was felt that there were too many nuts and not enough raisins. And the naan was too dry. Maybe it needs more oil rubbed on it before it goes into the oven.

So it was a pretty mixed bag of reviews. And the range of scores was the widest I’d seen so far, ranging from 7.5 down to 4. Overall, the Peshwari naan bread received a rating of 5.5 with a spice rating of “none” (there were no spices in the recipe).

I think that I will try the recipe again in the future but will roll the naan out thinner, use more oil and have mostly raisins rather than nuts in the filling.

Let me know how you get on with this recipe or if you have any tips that might make it work out better.

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