The Search For A New Frying Pan

After 14 years of excellent service, my trusty frying pan was on its last legs. It had recently become a bit scratched and was showing the first signs of rust.

I cook most of my curries in this frying pan and it was sad to see it was on the way out.

Rather than be despondent, I thought that this would give me a chance to modernise. Surely there has been a lot of progress in kitchen utensils in the last 14 years?

So Saturday morning found me wandering around the kitchen supplies sections of a couple of department stores.

I was at first amazed at how many electric appliances had entered the kitchen. There was more of a range of electric frying pans and electric woks than the non-electric type. The electric versions were more expensive than the non-electric type, usually more than double the price.

But I have an aversion to such electric products. They have to be washed and can’t just be put into the dishwasher, because of the electric connectors. So they have to be washed carefully to keep the electric connectors dry. I assume that this is the case. Maybe I’m wrong. But in my mind, electricity and water don’t mix.

Passing by the electric frying pans and woks, I saw a few different models of slow cookers that looked interesting. But I wasn’t looking for slow cookers. I wanted a good frying pan.

And I was in for a disappointment here. None of the non-electric frying pans came with lids. I could buy lids separately but these lids were flimsy looking affairs and wouldn’t be an integral part of the frying pan. My frying pan has a lid that fits snugly around the edge and the lid has a release valve that lets steam escape if I open the valve.

And most of the frying pans were pretty flimsy affairs. All of the brands on sale were made in China.

I wanted something more substantial than those on offer and didn’t see why I should have to accept second best.

So I headed back home and looked at the bottom of my trusty frying pan and found the brand name. A few minutes on the internet quickly found the manufacturer’s website and an email was on the way asking for a list of retailers who stock their brand.

I just know that I’m going to end up with a twin of the frying pan that I’ve got although the new pan will obviously be a lot shinier and, I’m sure, a lot more expensive than the one that I’ve got.

But you have to pay for quality.

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