Dal with Spinach Recipe Review

Hi, Ray here again.

Time for another healthy vegetarian curry from the Curry Focus range of curries. This time I chose the Dal with Spinach recipe – I just love dal.

Once again, I already had all of the ingredients in the recipe, which goes to show that I’ve got most of the essentials for making a good curry.

I soaked the chana dal or a few hours and then prepared all of the ingredients.

The dinner guests arrived early, just as I started to cook the meal, so I handed out the beer to keep them out of the kitchen – it’s not a large kitchen and doesn’t need lots of people milling around in it.

The dal was quickly cooked and it didn’t take long for the rest of the curry to be underway.

By the time the dal was added, the curry was very dry so it really was a matter of stir-frying right up to the end to make sure that the curry didn’t stick in the frying pan (I nearly always use a frying pan to make curries, even if the recipe says to use a saucepan).

The rice and curry were ready at the same time and were served up to the dinner guests (who by now were on their second beer).

The first thing to be noted was that there was no liquid in the curry – it was totally dry.

The second was that it was bland with almost no spice heat at all.

So although it was quite healthy, it didn’t really receive a high rating, scoring an average of 5.5 out of 10.

But if you do like very mild dry curries, this may be the dish for you.

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