Jeera (Cumin) Chicken Curry Recipe Review

Hi, Ray here again.

I thought it was time to try another chicken recipe from the Curry Focus website after last week’s Lamb Biryani Curry. I scanned through the great recipes and decided upon the Jeera (Cumin) Chicken Curry recipe.

As usual, it was a very easy recipe to follow which fitted my cooking criteria.

Jeera (or Jira) is Hindi for cumin so it’s not surprising that there is a lot of cumin in the recipe – three tablespoons in total.

One thing that surprised me was that there is no onion in this recipe – there can’t be many Indian curry recipes that don’t contain onion.

Anyway, there was only a little preparation to do in getting the chilli, garlic and ginger ready before cooking started.

After only a couple of minutes the kitchen was full of the lovely aroma of cumin being roasted.

Cooking was going well but my heart was in my mouth when the spices were added after the garlic and onion had been stir-fried. Why? Because all the liquid disappeared and the curry was really, really, dry. I added the chicken, mixed everything up pretty well, reduced the heat and covered the frying pan. At the same time, I boiled up some water in case I needed to add it to the curry.

But I shouldn’t have worried because juice/liquid was supplied by the chicken thighs and was retained in the frying pan because of the lid. I suppose I should have realised that the chicken would supply the liquid but, as I’ve said before, I’m not an expert cook.

Anyway, I kept checking the chicken every five minutes and started the rice when the chicken was part way cooked.

Everything came ready together and the chicken thighs were served on rice to the waiting dinner guests.

This is a stunning curry. It was very tasty with a great cumin taste on well-cooked chicken thighs. I always think that chicken cooked on the bone is better than when it is cooked off the bone and this is particularly true with chicken thighs.

There was a nice after taste in the mouth when the curry was finished but it wasn’t really spicy.

The Jeera Chicken Curry received an excellent rating of 8.5 out of 10 with a heat rating of “mild to medium”.

If you like a great tasting chicken curry then you simply must try this recipe for yourself.

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