October/November 2008 Newsletter

Reviews, new features and the latest hot gossip from the Curry world, we have some great content for you once again!

The British Curry Awards 2008 – The Results are in and why not head along to one of the award winning restaurants and sample for yourself what an award winning curry really tastes like!

A delicious spicy scrambled eggs breakfast is reviewed and guess what? It’s simple and easy to cook as well!

A mild Coriander Lamb Korma meal is well received from the diners. If you are an expert on Indian cooking perhaps you can answer the question asked within the article. We will give special mention to whoever can help in our next newsletter.

With more of a focus on Lamb this month, we look at a Keema Lamb Curry that has a kick to it, for the spice lovers amongst you, and is quick and easy to cook.

A popular meal handed down through generations of curry lovers, Curried Beef Sausages comes across a bit bland, so Ray advises how this could be spiced up a little to improve its taste.

Recently, we received an email asking us which were the mild recipes on the website from somebody who wanted to try a “safe” curry as they had a bad experience eating a curry when they were younger.

We have been reviewing recipes for a long time but the information was buried amongst the reviews making it almost impossible to find a “mild” curry without reading all of the recipe reviews.

So we were inspired to create a new web page to help you find a recipe that suits your heat/spice levels.

A quick change to the database, a little bit of data entry and writing some code has produced a review page that will help you.

You can reach the new page by clicking on the “Recipe Reviews” link in the main navigation line or from the navigation links at the foot of the website pages.

You’ll see a list of recipes, the taste rating (out of 10), the heat rating and a link to the recipe review.

If you click on the orange triangles, the details are sorted. A triangle pointing upwards sorts the details into ascending/increasing order whereas a triangle pointing downwards sorts the details into descending/decreasing order. So you can sort into recipe name, taste rating or heat rating sequence.

Some of the early reviews didn’t include ratings, which explains the “unrated” values.

Remember that everyone has different tastes and the listed ratings are the opinions of our regular staff reviewers. But we think that they are pretty accurate.

We hope that the new page is useful to you and inspires you to try different curries from the website.

The page content will grow as more recipes are reviewed.

Tell us, from the Contact Us page, if you’ve got any ideas for new pages on the website and we’ll see what we can do..

Top 5 Recipes for October

1 Chicken Biryani
2 Chicken Bhuna
3 Easy Chicken Curry
4 Chicken Jalfrezi
5 Chicken Curry

Why not tell us the recipes that you like? You can submit a new recipe here and a restaurant here.

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