Keema Lamb Curry Recipe Review

Hi, Ray here again.

I’ve been working through some pretty impressive curries from the Curry Focus website just lately.

After last week’s Curried Beef Sausage recipe review, I once again decided to try out a recipe for a simple dish. And I was also hoping for better results than I got with the curried sausages.

So I chose the Keema Lamb Curry recipe. I don’t know many people who dislike mince and peas and so such a dish with spices should be good.

I thought that it would be difficult to find lamb mince but my local supermarket surprised me by having loads of it. Maybe they have it all of the time and I haven’t noticed.

The recipe is really, really simple.

As usual, I prepared the onion, ginger, garlic and chillis (it is amazing just how often a recipe starts with preparing these ingredients).

Then the cooking started.

First, I stir-fried the prepared ingredients in the oil.

Next I added the curry powder and the whole mixture became totally dry.

Then in went the lamb and I stir-fried for 3 minutes, making sure that the mixture was always on the move so that it wouldn’t stick to the frying pan.

Then in went the peas, the salt and lemon juice.

All well so far except that now I was supposed to simmer the curry for 15 minutes. But there was hardly any liquid in the frying pan. So I added a cup of boiling water and simmered the curry whilst I cooked the rice in the microwave.

The curry was ready in less than 30 minutes from starting to cook. It was a very easy recipe to follow and a quick meal to prepare.

I served the Keema Lamb Curry on the rice and the waiting diners quickly got stuck into the meal.

The comments ranged from “very good” to “tasty”. The curry had a good spice kick to it and was very well received.

Overall the curry received an excellent rating of 7.5 out of 10 with a heat rating of medium to hot.

As I said before, I needed to add some hot water to allow for the simmering to happen without burning the curry. Maybe I had the heat turned up too high. But all of the water that I had added was absorbed into the curry by the time that it was cooked. I have changed the recipe so that it has the hot water as an extra ingredient – I’m sure that the submitter, J Baynes, won’t mind this small change to the recipe.

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