Spicy Fish Cakes Recipe Review

Hi, Ray here again.

The weekend is here again so it’s time to try another one of the great Curry Focus recipes.

I don’t think that I’ve followed a fish recipe since I started testing out the Curry Focus website recipe. I spotted the Spicy Fish Cakes recipe. It’s been a long time since I had fish cakes – too long. And the recipe looked so easy.

I already had most of the ingredients for the meal in the house so all I had to buy was the fish and spring onions (scallions).
It’s such a simple recipe that it’s hard to write anything special about it.

I cooked the fish and let it cool whilst I made the mashed potato.

Then I crumbled up the fish and mixed all of the ingredients together.

I beat the second egg.

Then I made the fish cakes. They were a bit small and crumbly. So I decided to make slightly bigger fish cakes and I ended up making 12 fish cakes in total.

I heated up the oil and the oven and then fried the fish cakes and kept them warm in the oven.

I served the spicy fish cakes with vegetables to the dinner group.

The fish cakes went down well with the diners with “tasty” being the main word that was used to describe them. They had a medium spice/heat flavour and received a good rating of 7 out of 10.

One thing that was lacking was some sauce to go with the fish cakes. Maybe a tamarind sauce would have gone well with the cakes.
Overall, the fish cakes were great and I won’t leave it so long before I make them again.

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