Jaipur Chicken Curry Recipe Review

Hi, Ray here again.

Time for another great chicken curry from the Curry Focus website and this week it is the Jaipur Chicken Curry recipe.

I bought a mixture of chicken pieces to use in the curry – a pack of chicken drumsticks and a pack of chicken pieces.

I made the chicken broth with the onion and chicken pieces and left the chicken to cool down a little.

The chicken came off the bones so easily once it had been cooked and I removed the meat without needing a knife.

I carefully followed the recipe and the curry was ready about an hour later.

I timed the rice to be ready with the curry and served up the meal to the dinner guests.

The curry had a great creamy ginger taste. Most of the liquid had been absorbed into the curry so it was a dry curry. The curry texture was good.

The curry received an excellent score of 7 out of 10 with a medium spice/heat rating.

This is an excellent curry that I can recommend that you try.

And now time for a confession. I made this curry last week using chicken breasts instead of chicken on bone. I had gone shopping and left my shopping list behind. I knew that I had to buy chicken but forgot the type.

2kg (4 lb) of chicken breast is a lot of chicken. Maybe I should have put the chicken into the freezer or chosen another recipe but I blundered on. And the chicken really fell apart. It was like eating shredded chicken. The curry was very edible but I was annoyed that I’d bought the wrong main ingredient.

The second making of the curry was a lot more successful when I used the drumsticks and chicken pieces. I had read somewhere that about 30% of a chicken is bone and fat. But I found that the drumsticks and pieces yielded less than 50% of the weight. Maybe I should have used a whole chicken. Maybe next time.

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