Gujarati Potato Curry Recipe Review

Hi, Ray here again.

This week I decided to be healthy and try out a vegetarian curry. I love potatoes and so I chose the Gujarati Potato Curry recipe from the great range of Curry Focus recipes.

This is the first recipe that I’ve tried that has asafoetida in it. I called in at my favourite Indian supermarket and bought a small container of the powder. It smells really strong. The container has a screw top that probably keeps the smell inside. But now I’ve used the powder, I’ve put the container into an airtight jar just to make sure that the smell doesn’t leak out into all of my other spices.

The asafoetida really smells but it gives a great taste to the curry.

I seem to recall, at the back of my mind, that there is an Indian religious sect that isn’t allowed garlic or onions and it is asafoetida that is the substitute.

Now I have to say that the curry is really easy to make and it’s just a matter of following the recipe.

But the one thing that I thought was a bit odd from the recipe is that you’re going to be eating a dry potato curry on rice. This seemed a bit too much carbohydrate to me so I just made the curry by itself.

The curry was really dry and I presume this is because the potato soaks up all of the liquid.

I was eating alone tonight so just put a portion of the curry into a bowl and heated up a paratha from the freezer to go with it.

The curry was OK but was definitely a bit bland. It had a medium spice taste but there wasn’t really any “body”, or substance, to it. I just couldn’t imagine eating rice with it. Maybe it would have been better with some more vegetables in it – like the Spiced Potato and Cauliflower recipe.

I gave the curry a rating of 6 out of 10 with a medium spice rating. The curry was edible but a bit disappointing.

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