Ice Cream (Kulfi) Recipe Review

Hi, Ray here again.

Last weekend I had a couple of good friends around for dinner. I hadn’t seen either of them for over a year so I decided to push the boat out a little and make a range of dishes for them to sample.

I made a spicy potato and cauliflower, dhal and chicken jalfrezi, all from the range of delicious Curry Focus recipes.

The friends were bringing round some fresh fruit for dessert so I decided to try and make some ice cream (kulfi) to go with the fruit.

I know that you can buy ice cream making machines. But I don’t have one.

The Curry Focus ice cream recipe doesn’t need anything more automated than a whisk.

I bought all of the ingredients, conscious that there was a lot of fat and calories going into this dish. But I don’t have ice cream very often so it’s a bit of a treat.

The recipe was easy enough to follow.

It was the freezing and unfreezing that I had to think about.

Before adding the final ingredient of whisked egg whites, the ice cream had to be 80% frozen. I really had to make a guess at what this meant. I kept checking the mixture every 10 minutes after an hour and then finally decided it had frozen enough after 90 minutes.

Then I left the ice cream overnight to freeze.

I wanted to check out the ice cream the next day and found that it was frozen solid. There was no way that I could even chip out portions to eat. It must be because there are no added preservatives – ice cream that you buy from the supermarket never really freezes when you have it in the freezer so it must be down to something that is added to the ice cream.

So I left the ice cream in the kitchen for an hour to let it thaw a little. The ice cream could be spooned out of the bowl but had a fair amount of ice inside it.

I had to go out for the best part of the day so put the ice cream back into the freezer.

An hour before we were due to start eating, I took the ice cream out of the freezer again. Once more, it was frozen solid. By the time it came for dessert, just over 1.5 hours had gone by and the ice cream was almost perfect. I mixed it up with a fork to make sure that the few solid bits were broken up and then served up the ice cream (kulfi) with the fresh fruit.

Another hit on my hands!! The ice cream was loved by everyone and it received an impressive score of 8 out of 10.

So if you have a sweet tooth and are partial to ice cream, why not give this easy recipe a try?

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