July 2008 Newsletter

Our writers have been busy this month reviewing recipes and taking a closer look at some of the ingredients used.

Ray puts together some of the things he has learned in the last twelve months making curries and produces a full meal – Putting It All Together.

Passatta. What Is It? – Passatta is a cooked tomato concentrate that we talk about in this article.

Cauliflower and Potato Recipe Review – A great side dish that is not only tasty but easy to make.

Poppadom Recipe Review – Poppadoms end up being a challenge to cook.

Beef Pasanda Recipe Review – If you like a mild curry and red wine then this could be just the curry for you.

Lamb Rogan Josh Recipe Review – this curry did not turn out as expected so we are looking for more Rogan Josh Recipes to review.

Top 5 Recipes for July

1 Chicken Biryani
2 Chicken Curry
3 Chicken Bhuna
4 Chicken Jalfrezi
5 Easy Chicken Curry

Why not tell us the recipes that you like? You can submit a new recipe here and a restaurant here.

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