Following Multiple Curry Recipes: Putting It All Together

It’s been almost a year since I started trying out the great recipes on the Curry Focus website.

In the first few weeks I followed the recipes very carefully, and was sometimes quite apprehensive as to what would be served up at meal times.

In those weeks I was testing myself as much as the recipes and couldn’t adapt during the cooking process if I made a mistake.

And I couldn’t see that certain recipes were wrong or not quite right.

A year on still has me carefully following the recipes because I want to make sure that the recipes on the website work.

But now I’m a lot more adaptable and improvise as I go along.

If a recipe doesn’t work then I figure out why and then try it again with revised ingredients or cooking times.

But all through these months I only cooked one thing at a time. A chicken curry or a beef curry or a lamb curry or a vegetarian curry.

So last weekend I decided to make a meal – not just a single dish.

I chose the saag gosht as the main because it simmers for 90 minutes as the final stage and this would give me plenty of time to make the other dishes.

Before starting to make the saag gosht, I mixed up dough for some naan and left it to rise.

Then I made up a batch of mango lassi and put it in the fridge to cool.

Whilst the dough was rising and the mango lassi was chilling, I prepared the ingredients for the saag gosht and then settled down and read the paper for a couple of hours.

After a good read, I started to cook the saag gosht.

Once the saag soght had started to simmer, I rolled out the naan breads and baked the bread. I had preheated the lower oven and popped the ready naans into the oven to keep them warm. I baked all of the naans even though I only needed 4 for dinner and put the extra naans aside to cool – once the naans were cool I popped them into individual plastic wraps and put them into the freezer to keep for another day.

I infused some saffron threads in hot water (in other words, I put about 10 saffron threads into an egg cup, poured in some boiling water and left them for 10 minutes).

Then I made some Aloo Gobi (cauliflower and potato) as a side dish.

By now it was time to cook the rice so I popped it into the microwave after having mixed the infused saffron with the rice and water.

Everything was ready at dinner time.

We had saag gosht on saffron rice, with a side dish of aloo gobi, naan bread and a delicious drink of mango lassi.

It was great.

Everything worked well. No drama during the cooking.

I’ve come a long way in a year but am not complacent. I’ve still got a lot to learn. But it’s fun and the results are yummy.

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