Poppadom Recipe Review

Hi, Ray here again.

I’d been looking through some of the curry books that I’ve got and was struck by the lack of recipes for Poppadoms. Indeed, some books just said to buy a packet from a shop and then grill or fry them. I seem to remember somebody saying that poppadoms were difficult to make.

So here’s a challenge. I did pretty well making naan bread so poppadoms should be easy enough.

There’s a Poppadom recipe on the Curry Focus website that looks easy enough.

I started by making the dough.

It was too dry. Way too dry.

So I added more water, a dribble at a time, until I got what I thought was the correct consistency.

But I obviously got it wrong. The dough was way too sticky.

So I added more flour to dry it up a bit.

Then I rolled the dough out into a cylinder and sliced it into equal rounds and put a dab of oil on the top of the rounds.

But the dough kept sticking to my rolling pin. I put flour on the work surface and the rolling pin but as the poppadoms kept getting bigger, they kept attaching to the rolling pin and splitting.

I was ending up with strips of poppadoms.

I got all of the dough back together a couple of times and tried again but no luck.

I don’t know whether I messed up the recipe or that the recipe doesn’t work. I am fully prepared to accept that the problem was with me. I don’t have a real rolling pin and use an empty wine bottle but I can’t see that blaming my rolling pin is the answer – I think the person wielding the rolling pin is the problem. Maybe I wasn’t careful enough. Or maybe I’m not adaptable enough in the kitchen – I assume that real cooks automatically compensate for dough inconsistencies.

It wasn’t a huge disaster because I had bought a packet of poppadoms earlier.

I’ll try the recipe one more time and I’ll buy a proper rolling pin to see if that makes a difference.

And if the recipe doesn’t work, I’ll hunt down another one.

I won’t be beaten. I need a recipe that works so that I can create my own flavours.

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