Jamaican Chicken Curry Recipe Review

Hi, Ray here again.

Time to try out another great recipe from the Curry Focus website. I liked the look of the Lamb Rogan Josh recipe but hadn’t looked at the recipe early enough. The lamb needs to marinate overnight and the dinner guests were arriving in 6 hours. So, instead, I went for the Jamaican Chicken Curry that looked pretty easy to make.

I went out to buy the scallions (spring onions), chicken and chicken broth. I had already decided that I would not buy a whole chicken. I’ve read how to joint (chop up) a whole chicken but the whole process seems a bit too involved for somebody of my limited cooking abilities. So I bought 6 chicken thighs. Chicken meat cooked on the bone is great.

Cooking time had nearly arrived so I prepared the ingredients – pretty simple stuff. I cut the chicken thighs in half, along the bones, to make sure that they would cook properly in just over 30 minutes.

I stir-fried the first ingredients and then added the chicken broth.

After cooking for the 3 minutes, I added the chicken pieces and mixed it all up. The mixture looked pretty dry so I boiled up some water in case I had to add some liquid.

I simmered the chicken and got the potato parboiled and drained.

The rice went on half way through cooking the chicken.

Near the end, I added the parboiled potato and finished cooking the curry.

As it happens, I didn’t need the extra boiled water and everything was cooked to perfection.

I served up the chicken curry on rice and presented it to the small dinner party.

The food quickly disappeared with words of praise ringing out. This is quite a spicy curry and has a distinctive, yummy, pungent taste. There’s a tablespoon of allspice and curry powder in the recipe and this probably contributed a lot to the taste. The curry is quite dry so it’s a good idea to have a glass of beer handy (as if I need any coaxing in that department).

On average, the guests rated the curry an excellent 8 out of 10 with a heat rating of medium to hot.

This really is a delicious dish and one that you should try. It is a very simple dish and I would recommend that you make some paratha or naan bread to go with the meal. And maybe a bowl of raita for those who need to cool the curry down a little.

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