Wine With a Chicken Curry

I spotted an article that I think might be of interest to you lovers of fine Indian curries.

An Indian wine company called Indage is launching a range of Indian wines in the UK and the wines are reportedly good to drink with a curry.

The wines have been developed with input from chefs and are going to be available in good restaurants as well as in supermarkets.

Indage is hoping that it will capture a big slice of the curry eating, wine drinking market.

Some of the wines from the company are already on sale in the UK but the new range is being aimed at the curry market.

I’m not sure if the wines are going to be a big hit and only time will tell.

But I think that I’ll be sticking to my Kingfisher beer when I’m dining out – I just can’t imagine having a chardonnay or pinot noir with my rogan josh.

You can check out a full article here.

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