May 2008 Newsletter

May has been another month where again chicken has come out on top looking at our most popular recipes. We have added some more great articles as well and we hope you enjoy reading them.

What Is A Karahi? A karahi is similar to a flat-bottomed wok and is the traditional cooking utensil for Indian curries.

Traditionally, a karahi is made of cast iron but nowadays you can buy a karahi made out of stainless steel or coated with non-stick material, such as tefal….

Pork Vindaloo Recipe Review My girlfriend wasn’t going to be here for my weekly curry so it gave me an opportunity to try a great Pork Vindaloo recipe that had been given to me by my flatmate’s mother. A vindaloo is a very hot curry (although not as hot as a phal)…..

Naan Bread Recipe Review
I few weeks ago I made a great aubergine curry (here is the review of the aubergine curry).

At the time, I also ventured into making naan bread….

Easy Chicken Curry Recipe Review
Curry time again so once more I scan through the Curry Focus recipes. This time I was immediately attracted by the word “Easy? in the Easy Chicken Curry Recipe. And it looked an easy dish to prepare….

We’ve had some positive feedback with the revised search processing where the search looks for common mis-spellings and alternatives for search words. Thanks for letting us know that the changed search is helping you find the recipes that you want.

One of the suggestions that we’ve had is to include the blogs in the search, as well as the recipes. The blogs cover a wide range of subjects and it would be good to let you search them. It won’t happen this month but we’ve moved this request up the list and will tackle it next month. We’ll let you know when this has been put into the website.

Top 5 Recipes for May

1 Chicken Curry
2 Chicken Bhuna
3 Chicken Jalfrezi
4 Easy Chicken Curry
5 Chicken Biryani

Why not tell us the recipes that you like? You can submit a new recipe here and a restaurant here.

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