Chicken Dhansak Curry Recipe Review

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Hi, Ray here again.

Once again it’s the weekend and so time for another yummy curry from the Curry Focus website.

This time I chose the chicken dhansak curry. The recipe looks simple enough and I do enjoy the blend of dal, chicken and spices that you get with the dish.

As usual, I had most of the ingredients in the kitchen. Luckily I had run out of red lentils (masoor dal) so I had to go down to my favourite Indian supermarket where I got the lentils, some fresh coriander, a can of pineapples and a packet of stuffed paratha. The paratha are not part of the recipe but they go very well with curries.

I set the dal cooking and prepared the ginger, garlic, chillis, onion and chicken.

I drained the cooked lentils and stir-fried the initial spices before adding the chicken.

Then I stir-fried the second set of spices before cooking the onions. The curry was quite dry so I added some of the pineapple juice to stop the curry from sticking.

Then the chicken, pineapple, cooked lentils, ginger, lemon juice and the coriander were added to the frying pan. I mixed it all up, covered the frying pan and simmered the curry for 10 minutes.

The rice went into the microwave at the same time.

With about 3 minutes to go until the curry was ready, I started microwaving the stuffed paratha.

Then I served up the chicken dhansak curry on rice and garnished with a little more coriander.

The finished curry was served up to the assembled dinner guests who quickly made the food disappear.

The curry proved to be popular and scored 7 out of 10 with a medium spice heat.

It was a pretty standard, easy, curry to make and the result is a delicious meal.

chicken dhansak curry image

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