What Is A Karahi?

A karahi is similar to a flat-bottomed wok and is the traditional cooking utensil for Indian curries.

Traditionally, a karahi is made of cast iron but nowadays you can buy a karahi made out of stainless steel or coated with non-stick material, such as tefal.

A karahi has relatively deep sides and is ideal for deep frying, or shallow frying, lots of different foods and dishes. Stews that are cooked in a karahi are themselves sometimes called karahis.

A karahi can be large or small enough to hold a single portion of food. A single portion karahi can be used as a serving dish

To confuse matters, a karahi can also be called a kadai and a dish cooked in a karahi can also be called a kadai.

Curry Focus has good karahi and kadai recipes. There’s a Karahi Chicken and Fenugreek main dish and a Kadai Paneer side dish.

A lot of good hardware stores stock kaharis but, if you’re having difficulty finding stockists, you can buy online on sites such as Amazon. Just go here to see a selection.

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  1. Real Karahis are NOT flat bottomed as the current reviewer said. They are round because they are used over an open fire! Th difference to a wok is the shape and weight. Their walls are much steeper than a woks and they are usually made from much thicker, heavier iron! Thus they need a little bit longer to heat up but they keep the heat much better. They are hence better suited for the indian slow cooking methode than the chinese quick stir frys! Karahis and woks represent two entirely differt types of cusines and culinary philosophies.

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