Pork Vindaloo Curry Recipe Review

Hi, Ray here again.

My girlfriend wasn’t going to be here for my weekly curry so it gave me an opportunity to try a great Pork Vindaloo curry recipe that had been given to me by my flatmate’s mother. A vindaloo curry is a very hot curry (although not as hot as a phal curry).

I had to buy the pork and also some ground cloves and nutmeg. So I went to my favourite Indian supermarket and found the spices pretty easily amongst all of the bins of flours, lentils and spices. I always enjoy shopping at this supermarket where the spice smells are almost intoxicating. I already had some dried chillies at home but found a huge bin of dried Kashmiri chillies so I bought a few for the vindaloo curry. I also strayed into the freezer section and grabbed a packet of frozen aloo paratha to accompany the curry.

Making the vindaloo curry was really very, very easy.

I made up the marinade, cut up the pork and then put it all into a bowl that I covered with kitchen film and put into the fridge. Then I went out for the day whilst the pork was marinating.

I cut up the onions a couple of hours before the planned eating time and fried them to perfection.

Then I fried the pork. I was a bit dubious about there being no oil left in the frying pan once the onions had been taken out but there was enough marinade inside the pork to make sure that the pork didn’t stick whilst frying.

Then I turned down the heat, added the cooked onions and marinade, covered the frying pan and left the vindaloo curry to simmer for 90 minutes.

I checked, and stirred, the vindaloo curry every 15ish minutes.

After 75 minutes the rice went on and I started to cook the aloo paratha in my second frying pan (the paratha are cooked in the frying pan without any oil – they just take about 2 minutes to cook on each side).

It all came together and I served up the meal to the waiting diner (my flatmate).

And the vindaloo curry was stunning. It is a spicy hot curry – be warned – and does taste of vinegar (all vindaloo curries taste of vinegar). The pork was very tender and had a good texture as well as heat. I thought that it was one of the best vindaloo curries that I’ve ever eaten (and that includes my favourite Indian restaurant in Thornton Heath). Even my flatmate enjoyed it and he doesn’t really go for vindaloo curries.

We gave the vindaloo curry a high rating of 8.5 out of 10 with a heat rating of hot.

If you like vindaloo curry then I definitely recommend that you try out this recipe.

And we got a double bonus because the recipe makes enough curry for 4 people and there was only 2 of us – so we have pork vindaloo curry for dinner tomorrow night – result!!

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