Lamb With Spinach Curry (Saag Gosht) Recipe Review

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Hi, Ray here again.

Curry time again. A quick check on the Curry Focus website for another delicious curry. And this time it’s going to be Lamb with Spinach (Saag Gosht) Curry.

Once again, this is a really simple recipe to follow and more time was spent on preparing the ingredients than in standing and cooking the curry.

I got some pretty lean lamb and just had to trim off a few pieces.

A big bag of spinach boiled down to just a small pile of spinach – I’m always amazed at how much spinach shrinks when it is cooked.

The food processor made a good job of making a puree of the main ingredients.

The lamb was quickly browned and then a stir-fry of the bay leaves, cardamoms, cloves and cinnamon.

Then the onion puree entered the frying pan to be followed, 5 minutes later, by the main ingredients of the lamb and spinach, and some water.

Then it was pretty easy simmering the curry for 90 minutes.

The rice went into the microwave 15 minutes before the curry would be ready and a couple of stuffed paratha (bought from my local Indian store) were microwaved after the rice was ready.

The yogurt was added at the end and the meal was served up to the dinner guests.

This is really a stupendous dish. The spices are mild and add a delicate flavour to the curry. So the curry is tasty but mild. It is very tasty and was quickly eaten.

Very favourable comments were made about the curry and it rated an excellent 7.5 out of 10, with a mild spicy heat rating.

Now it’s confession time. I made the exact same meal last week and forgot to put in the yogurt. This was a big mistake. The curry was barely OK and everyone knew that there was something missing. It wasn’t until I was loading up the dishwasher that I realised what I had done. Last week was a runny, slightly spicy stew and this week was beautiful – better than I’ve eaten in lots of curry houses.

Why not try out this delicious recipe for yourself? You won’t regret it, as long as you put in all of the key ingredients.

lamb with spinach curry image

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